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Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday... yawn...

Well, it's Monday, and weather-wise it has gotten progressively worse. I left the house in the sun, with very few clouds in the sky, and now it's very windy, overcast and threatening to rain. I'm wondering what sort of day I'll have tomorrow when I'm working.

Not much happening today. I'm over at the comic book shop in Wyoming typing this up, for I know if I stay at home I'd do nothing but play Tropico 4 or watch Spooks, like I have been doing when I am at home for more than an hour. I've already finished my Blood Bowl blog, and amended the delivery schedule for Thursday and Friday, which leaves just this to do and, if there's time, reply to a personal e-mail, which I could start whilst listening to a bit of the cricket tonight.

I also took the time, whilst I'm here at the shop, to pick up a birthday present for a mate of mine, and pick up a prize for an upcoming Blood Bowl tournament which is on the 24th. However, the latter has yet to arrive from the states, so that'll have to wait until next week.

And yes, there was twenty minutes or so to have a blast at the old arcade machine that they have here. Think I got my highest ever scores on Dig-Dug, Juno First, and Gyruss...

Oh, people I know have just arrived at the store. Will have to put this on hold for the time being.

[Much later... ]

Ah, dinner. Went down rather well.

Still feeling a bit peckish though.

Well, the football season is over, for our side at least. The last game was rather unusual, with a 2-3-2-3 set-up, most of the side playing out of position. Our regular goalkeeper, for example, played midfield. I played on the right wing in the first half, before being moved back to some sort of defensive position in the second half.

It wasn't an easy game to play. My ankle, which has been giving me the usual problems (so much for taking it easy last week – things just kept on popping up) was making things difficult for me out on the pitch, and to add to that my left leg was cramping up seeing I was favoring it. Half the time I was on it felt like I was running on two stiff legs. Still, I was able to move in brief spurts, enough to put pressure on opponents and causing them to rush their passes which ended up going the wrong way.

The second half, after a bit of an error where it was discovered that we had 12 players on the pitch (and we would've gotten away with it if our manager hadn't been so honest), I moved to a position just in front of the rear pair, which sort of made it 2-1-2-2-3. In the end, they won 0-3, all three goals coming in a ten minute period in the second half. All three struck well, I even felt the third one go straight pass me, seeing I arrived too late. They could've had a couple more. One, after our second half keeper was on the turf, was at point blank range, and all he had to do was tap it in. I arrived just in time to put enough pressure on him where he spooned it over the crossbar.

Oh well, it was just not meant to be. Afterwards, we had an end of season BBQ, dissected the match and the season, and discussed plans for next year. Most of the players have already agreed to come back for another year – I just hope my injuries heal up.

Afterwards, I was given a lift to my aunt's place in Baulkham Hills, where she had arranged a mini-exhibition, featuring some of my photographs, which were sharing wall space with those of an established artist – Elena Parashko. I was interested to discover that she had been commissioned to do a series of paintings around Long Jetty, including, strangely enough, one of the same jetty that I photographed a couple of weeks previously, which shall be entered into the 2013 Mental Health – Art Works! exhibition which shall be running at the East Gosford gallery in October this year. (And I've already printed and framed it by the way!)

Seagulls, little black cormorants and little pied cormorants in my entry Chillin' at the Jetty.

So Saturday football, Sunday, displaying art and catching up with relatives. The turn out wasn't that great, but I did get a few pointers. I shall be creating some more display albums for my aunt and sending them down as soon as possible.

So, what else? Wednesday, a date. They don't happen too often. Same woman that I had a coffee with a couple of weeks ago (yeah, met her online at one of those dating sites) and we seemed to hit it off okay just chatting online. However, meeting her the other week, there appeared to be something missing, even though the date went okay.

It may be just me, perhaps I read too much into things. Still, I figured it couldn't hurt SMSing her seeing she wanted to have a look around Caroline Bay. I heard back from her earlier this morning and she said Wednesday afternoon was fine. Will see how it goes.

Anyway, I can't really think of anything else majorly important that needs to be put into this post. I'm feeling so tired currently, even though it's not even 9pm.

I'm just wondering if Australia can manage to win at least one of the five tests against England...


Note: Chillin' at the Jetty (c) 2013 by Geoff G Turner.

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