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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yawn. Too early.

Up before 6am once again. Tired, naturally, but just couldn't doze back off. Looking out the window I see an endless stream of traffic zipping past. I really don't need to wonder where it is all going. Most of it is heading west to link up with the south bound freeway.

Yesterday, when I was up at this time, I was greeted by the 24 hour news channel with pictures of the Boston Marathon attack. One has to admit, it was/is a soft target in a terrorist's eyes. High profile event, lots of people about, too easy to just slip in, drop a bag or two off, and just head off and watch the outcome on TV. I'm not saying security was slack, but two bombs went off, in a prime position near the finish line, and timed to go off when the bulk of the runners are coming through. The fact that other devices were found and detonated before they went off is probably very little consolation to those seen carted off in wheelchairs and staggering aimlessly around the street, after being struck by a ball-bearing(s) propelled by an explosive charge.

The price of freedom in the west, is eternal vigilance, but it appears, at first glance, that somebody was (metaphorically speaking) asleep at their post, and another terror attack has been successfully launched. Back in the days of the all-conquering Romans, if you fell asleep at your post, you were executed. One only has to read Livy's account of a Gaulish attack on the city, where a dozing sentry was tossed onto the rocks from a great height because he decided to have a nap whilst the hordes were climbing up the hill for a bit more plundering and slaughtering.

Historical anecdotes aside, one wonders why it hasn't happened in Australia. Is our security services that good, or have potential terrorists decided that it's not really worth the effort? I can think of dozens of events (and places) which would be fantastic targets for anyone wanting to achieve notoriety. At the moment, school holidays. Where could you go? Darling Harbour? Any number of shopping centres in the Sydney CBD? A bit further west out to Westfields at Parramatta? North to Hornsby or Chatswood? How about a sporting event? A-League grand final (which I'm going to) is on this Sunday. Guaranteed at least 20,000 spectators at Moore Park, and you'll have TV coverage as well. What about an entertainment event? I believe Billy Joel is in town and playing a big gig at one of the arenas...

Sigh. Sometimes it's a curse having an over-active imagination, but I feel, currently, that I could also be stating the bleeding obvious...

Long time readers of this blog will no doubt know that I am very, very happy that the Mariners have made it through to another season decider. This is the second one that I'll be going to, with memories re-surfacing of the last trip to Moore Park, when we were beaten by Newcastle. The new boys on the block against the perennial underdogs, first versus second, the best defensive teams in the competition. It's the grand final that experts had seen coming for months, and now, it's only four days away.

I must say, it was decidedly easier to get tickets this time round than it was for the semi-final against Victory. I hopped on line at just after 9am on Monday morning, and in the time-frame allowed, purchased two tickets which was all one was permitted at the time. I really can't wait, but I have to. I even have my own match to play before hand.

Season three (for me) is two rounds old, and we have a draw and a narrow loss so far. The 1-2 defeat we suffered last Saturday could've been a lot worse. The opposition benefited from a defensive lapse, where an opponent got a free-header (much like the goal scored against me in the first round), then they put away a penalty which had been given to them, where a defender had just left his arm dangling in the breeze, and was predictably struck by the ball. Ten minutes in, we were playing poorly, and they were 0-2 up.

I was on the pitch for around 40-50 minutes. I came on with about 15 minutes to go in the first half, then stayed on for most of the second. I was absolutely stuffed when I dragged myself off, having to deal with multiple incursions down my flank in the space of five minutes, all thanks to some mid-fielders who had surrendered possession too easily. We scored just before full-time, and had the game gone on for another five minutes or so, we could've bagged an equaliser, but them's the breaks.

Yesterday, I journeyed down to Sydney for a game of Blood Bowl. Today, I'm doing it again, but will be going earlier, seeing the weather is considerably more pleasing. Yesterday it was wet and overcast for most of the day. Currently, it is very, very blue. The camera will be coming along with me, and I am deciding where to go before my game later this afternoon. I should go somewhere that I haven't been for a while, or have never been to. Hmm...

But first, back to bed, for another hour or so of sleep, then to await the arrival of the real estate representative to carry out the inspection. Ciao!

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