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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

30 kays in just 4 days

Gees, Central Coast weather – steamy one day and, umm, indifferent the next.

It really doesn't look like it's going to be much of a day today. It's overcast, appreciably cool, but unlikely to do anything else. The weather was the deciding factor in whether or not I got my laundry washed and dried, or just washed. I forked out the extra dollars for the former.

It's been long overdue. I have sweated buckets on my last four days of work, and on two of my days off. Last Friday the gauge was pressing 46 degrees, causing vehicles to break down (including the delivery van, right in the middle of a round-about, and yours truly had to push it out of the way) and buses to overheat and having to be returned to the depot after just three hours on the road. There were also blackouts – 9000 houses in the Wyong/Tacoma area, 700 in Gosford (including the Duck's Crossing office) and more at Kincumber. A spokesperson for the company that supplies the power stated that there was a fault at one of the subsidiary depots which denied power to those in Wyong.

So, last night, I needed the fan on. The weather changed during the night and I nearly froze. I tried to get back to sleep a couple of times, succeeding once but eventually giving up on the second occasion.

I'm tired, but otherwise not too bad. This Friday I'm heading off to Goulburn to stay at a gamer's place for the annual Can Con games weekend over the Australia Day long weekend in Canberra. I've been painting a team for the event, and have almost finished every figure, including support staff (head coach, medic, etc.). There'll be at least 53 people for Blood Bowl, from every state and territory on the island and even one from New Zealand.

As for work, well, it hasn't been too bad, apart from breakdowns. The last three runs that I've done have been quite good. I've also been keeping an eye on how many kilometres that I rack up. Last Thursday (17 Jan) around the Wyong Shire I did 9.6, on the Friday it was 6.9 for the second half of the Wyong run, and Monday 7.5 for the Woy Woy peninsula. 24 kilometres all up – no wonder I felt exhausted. On Friday I really did have to keep my fluids up – I drank 3.6 litres of various liquids throughout the day, and I can tell you, the shower when I got back home was simply divine!

And, to top it all off, yesterday I go for a wander around Lisarow, which is three stops up the rail-line from Gosford. We have done deliveries around there, and I had long wanted to go back to take photographs at my own pace. I walked another 6 kilometres around the area, and was not disappointed with what I captured with Picasso (my pet name for my camera). Vistas of the marsh that borders the the highway, dilapidated sheds and houses (including one partially overgrown with flowering vines), public buildings, scenery, majestic trees, farmyard animals, wildlife (I added to my collection of “spotted” birds with some good shots of a Red-whiskered Bulbul, an introduced species to the country that appears to be surviving quite well) and the obligatory artistic shots of junk. (Hey, practically anything can be considered art these days... ) I was so exhausted that when I finally got back home, I showered, then fell asleep for two hours.

I have also managed to get a little bit of work done on my website. I have finished the bulk of the content, and am now working on the default page, which has developed a fault. I'm hoping to get that fixed before I start adding text. When it's done, and posted, I'll be displaying some of my recent photography work (which will be available for sale at some point), adding sample chapters of some of my writing projects, and, eventually, my completed interactive fiction project which I completed at uni in 2008. Naturally, there'll be gaming stuff as well, seeing I'll have a section for Blood Bowl. I had hoped to have it up by the end of the month, but with all the other distractions there hasn't been much of a chance.

Well, seeing that it is almost time for lunch, I'd better finish this up. There's still some figures to paint, and pictures to sort out...


P.S: Dad's birthday today. He would've been 70...

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